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iminurgreenday's Journal

Mah Green Day Macros, Let Me Show You Them.
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The premise is pretty simple:
A. Find a silly Green Day picture (which isn't hard, these guys are so weird it's adorable)
B. Add some goofy text
C. Let the lawlz fly


Like any responsible fairy godchild community member, you gotsta follow DA RULES:

1. At least one main member/touring member of Green Day must be in the macro. That's a given, right?
1a. Network/FHT members are allowed as well, but don't blame me if The Snoo kidnaps you in your sleep ;)

2. LJ-CUT = SRS BIZNESS. The Preview button is your friend, or you can check out this handy FAQ!
2a. Any nekkie macros (because, you know, some of those pictures are floating around) must be under a cut labled "NSFW". NO EXCEPTIONS!

3. TRY to make your text readable. If you have to explain what it says then you obviously didn't do a goob job at it. (yes, I is a bitch)

4. NO BASHING THE WIVES OR GIRLFRIENDS PLZ. That makes me a sad panda :(

5. Funny icons are welcome.

6. Plz no posting blank pictures with requests for text. That gets old reeeeeal fast.

7. Intro posts not necessary, just jump right in with teh funneh.

8. For the love of slashy rocker boys, NO DRAMA!

9. Ads for Macro comms are welcome, but include a Green Day macro with them.

credit: high_school_low and wentz_macros for kick-starting the band macro trend.

Your hopefully-won't-be-tyrannical-mods: writinchica2k and nightsofcydonia



Other macro comms:

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Need somewhere to host your macros?:

Helpful pages for n00bs:
- Tutorial on Using Fonts in Photoshop
- Image Macro entry at Wikipedia
- Image Macro entry at Encyclopedia Dramatica (NSFW)
http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/motivator.php (Motivational posters)